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Jennifer A Patterson

Financial Planning for Global Living. Go Beyond Cross-Border Tax and Legal Complexity to Location Independence, Financial Freedom and True Life Satisfaction

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Страниц: 280
Формат: 152x220
What is financial planning for global living?Whether you are embarking on a short- or long-term overseas assignment, moving for love, are a dual citizen, are considering retiring abroad, or are an advisor to people in any of those situations, Financial Planning for Global Living will give you the insight and practical guidance, and the tools you need, all honed from the trenches. You’ll learn the key dynamics of the community and lifestyle, discover the key technical issues that affect tax and legal complexity, and you’ll learn both the model and the methodology to confidently design a plan that allows you to live, work, play, and make a difference from anywhere in the world while you and your family live a full, financially secure, happy, and well-structured life… across borders.Praise for Jennifer Patterson and Financial Planning for Global Living“Having suffered the trials and tribulations of going expat in my mid-career in the 1990s, I wish that I had been given the information in this book those many years ago. Jennifer Patterson takes a complex and emotional subject and lays out a clear strategy for any individual or family trying to navigate the many conflicting forces at play when you move country, move job, and move out of a safe “home” environment. Jennifer lays out a bold manifesto, based on solid principles and experience. This book can save you money, your marriage/partnership, and a lot of emotional turmoil that normally leads to ill-health. Well worth reading a...

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Ученые: Клетки человека превратили в предшественники яйцеклеток
Ученые из Японии превратили индуцированные плюрипотентные клетки человека в так называемые оогонии, представляющие собой предшественников женских половых клеток.

Ученые: Каждый человек имеет собственный [стиль памятиk
Проводя множественные исследования научные работники смогли выяснить, что практически каждый человек воспринимает, а после запоминает ранее полученную ним информацию совершенно по-своему, создавая таким образом собственный и достаточно уникальный "стиль памяти".